Virus' are bad news. Everyone needs to be running some form of anti-virus, no questions. Simple IT sells antivirus software which is incredibly easy for your computer to run, you wont notice any performance loss while it keeps you safe, all without any compromises on security.


Your data is valuable! Antivirus may help to reduce the risk of data loss, but rest easier with our backup systems. Back-up your data with our industry leading software and be safe from even accidental deletion!
Take is a step further and use our cloud to store your back-ups.

Malware Removal

Plagued with pop-ups? Is Malware making browsing the internet a nightmare? Our team can clear you computer and get it back to it's former health.

Data Recovery

Have you lost valuable information for your device?
Step 1: Turn OFF the device in question.
Step 2: Give us a call.
Although data recovery is not always possible, Simple IT will strive provide you with options and recover your valuable data.