Computers and Repairs

Computers and Repair

Computer Upgrades

Computer running slow? Do your daily tasks take longer to complete than the used to? Sick of how long it takes for your machine to turn on? Breath some new life into your existing machine with an upgrade.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

It's frustrating when your computer isn't behaving as it should. Whether your machine is completely non-responsive, or experiencing a small hic-up, our team can get you back on your feet.

Cleaning / Dusting

Keeping your computer free from dust and debris will help to lower temperatures, reduce noise, and increase the lifespan of your device.

New Computers

When it comes time for a new machine, Simple IT offers a comprehensive range of the latest computer hardware.
Custom Built and Brand Name computers, all at competitive pricing.

Ex-Lease Computers

Get more bang for your buck with the range of ex-lease computers that Simple IT offers. Great when budget is a concern, or performance requirements are minimal.


Wheather you are looking for a powerful gaming laptop, a sturdy work / study laptop, or a small and portable ultrabook, we've got a range of all major brands. Ask for our recommendations of a laptop to suit your needs.


Your server is the most valuable and critical piece of IT hardware for your business. Simple IT can ensure you get it right.