New and Used Computers

At Simple IT we understand that most small businesses have only basic PC requirements. We provide competitively priced solutions to fit these requirements, with a focus on fast performance for general office tasks such as email and web browsing. We supply ex-lease PCs if budget is tight or requirements are very basic.

If your requirements are more demanding, our experienced system builder can build a custom PC with enhanced graphical or processing capabilities.

Simple IT recommends HP Business Laptops, because they are well built, reliable, and easy to service and find parts. We’re able to source all major brands including HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft, all with competitive pricing.

Our comprehensive range includes peripherals such as printers and Wi-Fi routers, all the way to high-end business equipment such as servers and large networking systems.

If it’s not listed here, feel free to ask – we can source (almost) anything.

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